Bathroom Renovations- Evaluating What is Needed

The Tell Tale Signs

It’s happening to you. And it’s not pleasant. You are pulling out your plunger more than you should. Maybe you have called the plumber already to get the drain snaked, and the plumber says new drains and a new toilet are necessary. There might be mildew and mold around the shower and bathroom. Before everything falls into despair, you decide you need a bathroom renovation.

Good News

This might actually be excellent news. There are so many trendy features for bathrooms these days, that it may end up becoming the favorite room in the home. A remodeling project takes research and know how. If no one in the family knows how to Do It Yourself (DIY), then it can also require hiring the right professionals to do the installations.

Picking out the Raw Materials

According to Rob from However, with a bathroom renovation, it is advisable that the home owner takes some say in the appliances used. The home owner is the one who knows the previous downfalls of the former bathroom, and what pitfalls to avoid with future renovations. Besides, looking at new fixtures can be fun. And if a person is not in the know how, then that means that the service provider might not know at all what to choose. This can be a frustrating process for a contractor that just has to guess.

Big or Small?

Not all bathroom renovations need to cost tens of thousands. If only a few small items need repair, then try to keep the budget to a limit. People can end up spending too much money by getting distracted by the flashiest new gadgets. So stick to the goals.

Word of Mouth

Ask friends what they like it their bathrooms. It is okay to have these kinds of conversations. They make life fun. And a friend might just be flattered that he/she is being asked for an opinion. Also, look for contractors that are recommended by others in the area. Try to find sources that are unbiased. An ad sponsored by the company will obviously not give a well-rounded view.


Some people are technical and want to know the in’s and out’s. Certain magazines can provide information for this type of research. Knowing some of the technical information cannot hurt either when having future conversations with tradespeople. It might help one to appreciate the process that goes into the renovation.

Added Touches

A person might think that a renovation is needed when actually just the design and colors of the bathroom is off. This can be fixed by changing decorations in the facilities. Such a remodel is a budget friendly way to spruce up a room.

It really depends on an owner’s motive. Will the owner be renting out or selling the property in the future? For rentals, expensive renovations are not always recommended. In the case of sales, this might increase the value of the home.

Either way, this is a task that needs some planning and possibly supervision. Plan to coordinate the reno with work schedules and don’t do all the bathrooms in the home at once.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Knowing this, it would therefore be in your best interest to make your office as hospitable and comfortable as possible for clients. In short, the interior design of an office layout is what your clients see when they first set foot in the space; meaning it should be impeccable as it speaks tons about the company. Achieving a professional look is certainly no mean feat to achieve and your safest bet lays in a reliable office fit out a company like If you are wondering why it is important to source for office fit-outs services, here are some valid reasons to motivate you.

Why Hiring Office Fit-out Professionals is Advisable:

As stated earlier, there are plenty reasons why you want a professional to work on the interior design of your office. Let’s have a look at a few, shall we?

Cost factor – contrary to common perception, achieving a quality office fit-out project need not be an expensive affair. To put this into perspective, it’s worth noting that these professionals work on numerous projects on an annual basis, meaning they are well enlightened on best budget-trimming methods in the niche. They are aware of the best designs, products and fixtures in your budget bracket. With this, you are able to get the most out of your project regardless of the budget you have.

Design layout – As stated earlier, office fit-out professionals are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of interior office design. This goes for retail stores and office spaces among other commercial structures. In a nutshell, you can almost always be guaranteed of a quality design layout with office fit-out experts. The best part is, they are able to make your space functional and comfortable; without losing the professionalism aspect.

Solutions – to get the most out of your project, you need someone you can share your vision with. Fit-out designers are trained to capture the client’s vision, so as to get the most out of every project. In a nutshell, expect the fit-out designer to understand your needs and requirements, prior to providing the most ideal solution to complement your vision. For instance, if you are looking for a bold office design, the fit-out expert should provide you with a variety of great options to choose from.

In a nutshell, office fit-outs can work wonders, but only if you have the right professional at hand. Currently trending in the interior design niche are sleek and smooth lines – a solution that can only be achieved by an office fit-out professional. They will adhere to your timelines, enhance the aesthetics of your office space and more importantly, come up with impeccable designs fit enough for all clients. That said, what are the things to consider before embarking on an office fit-out project? Well, let’s have a look.

Things to Consider During an Office Fit-Out Project:

Hiring the right office fit-out vendor – of course, the first step should always be finding the most reliable firm to not only complete the project within the required time frame, but also work within the stipulated budget. While this can be a daunting task, there are several ways to find the right professionals in the niche. For starters, you could ask for referrals from other business owners or peers. Another way you can find the right professional is by going online to check for office fit-out companies within your locality. The best thing about going online is, you are able to view reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on the companies’ websites.

Planning ahead – every project requires proper planning and this also includes office fit-outs. Of course, the most paramount step involves the budgeting and cost of the entire project, prior to the execution phase. To avoid headaches such as delays, it would be in your best interest to plan every step of the project way before inception. While you could achieve this by yourself, working with the professional is highly advisable. This way, you are able to share different ideas so as to come up with the most ideal solution for your space.

In a nutshell, office fit-outs services can be highly beneficial, but only if you have the right professional at hand. Be sure to plan ahead to get the most out of your project.


Electrical Building extensions.

Generally, no permission is required to replace or install new electrical circuits or extensions. But if a person lives in a building or a flat, an approval is required by the local Planning Authority for electrical building extensions. As we make more progress in the invention of technological products, the demand for the electrical products has recently skyrocketed.

Before installing electrical extensions in the building, it is crucial to plan the design and installation of electrical extensions in order to prevent the person involved in the installation from receiving electrical shocks, catching fire or getting injured.

Different kinds of electrical extensions

There are different types of electrical extensions ranging from the ones that have expanded separations to the ones in which the number electrical appliances connected can be increased.

Some examples of electrical extensions are:

  • Multi-block connectors,
  • Single extension
  • Multi-socket extension
  • Cable reels

Make sure that your electrical work is notifiable

Any kind of electrical work either performed in a building or a house is notifiable to the local building control body when:

The consumer unit which is commonly known as a fuses box is replaced

A new circuit is installed

Some changes have been made in circuits

Alterations made in the bathroom are only notifiable when electrical extension or a circuit is in close proximity to the shower or a bathtub.

If there is a sauna heater or swimming pool present in the room than electrical installation or alteration is notifiable regardless of it being closer or away from the sauna heater or a swimming pool.

Things to make sure before proceeding with the electrical installation work

After making certain that your work is notifiable, a person should:

Hire an electrician who is authorised by the government to perform electrical work.

The electrician who is not associated with the government can also be hired if he is certified by a third party company.

Common Issues faced by electrical extensions


Overloading is the most dangerous yet unfortunately is the most common problem faced by the extension cables. This only happens when two or more electrical extensions are connected with each other or several high current consuming appliances are connected to a single extension lead.

Moisture Exposure

It is recommended to install a Residual Current Device or (RCD) when an extension is externally provided to a building. RCD must be installed where it enters the main wall socket. The RCD installed must have a tripping current of 30 mA or less to prevent any kind of hazard related to electrical shocks.

How to prevent electrical extensions from receiving any damage

  • Electrical extensions should be checked properly before it is used for the first time and as time moves on, it should be checked out regularly. Checking process includes the visual inspection to detect the burning of plug, sockets, or any damage sustained by the cable.
  • Mount the extension properly on the wall and secure the cables to the wall as well but avoid using cable ties during this process. If somehow the mounting is not possible then install then the socket and secure the cable somewhere safe where it cannot be stomped by people or get in hands of children.
  • To avoid the coils from overheating, cable reels should completely remain intact
  • Abstain from plugging one extension cord to another in order to avoid overloading.