The Tell Tale Signs

It’s happening to you. And it’s not pleasant. You are pulling out your plunger more than you should. Maybe you have called the plumber already to get the drain snaked, and the plumber says new drains and a new toilet are necessary. There might be mildew and mold around the shower and bathroom. Before everything falls into despair, you decide you need a bathroom renovation.

Good News

This might actually be excellent news. There are so many trendy features for bathrooms these days, that it may end up becoming the favorite room in the home. A remodeling project takes research and know how. If no one in the family knows how to Do It Yourself (DIY), then it can also require hiring the right professionals to do the installations.

Picking out the Raw Materials

According to Rob from However, with a bathroom renovation, it is advisable that the home owner takes some say in the appliances used. The home owner is the one who knows the previous downfalls of the former bathroom, and what pitfalls to avoid with future renovations. Besides, looking at new fixtures can be fun. And if a person is not in the know how, then that means that the service provider might not know at all what to choose. This can be a frustrating process for a contractor that just has to guess.

Big or Small?

Not all bathroom renovations need to cost tens of thousands. If only a few small items need repair, then try to keep the budget to a limit. People can end up spending too much money by getting distracted by the flashiest new gadgets. So stick to the goals.

Word of Mouth

Ask friends what they like it their bathrooms. It is okay to have these kinds of conversations. They make life fun. And a friend might just be flattered that he/she is being asked for an opinion. Also, look for contractors that are recommended by others in the area. Try to find sources that are unbiased. An ad sponsored by the company will obviously not give a well-rounded view.


Some people are technical and want to know the in’s and out’s. Certain magazines can provide information for this type of research. Knowing some of the technical information cannot hurt either when having future conversations with tradespeople. It might help one to appreciate the process that goes into the renovation.

Added Touches

A person might think that a renovation is needed when actually just the design and colors of the bathroom is off. This can be fixed by changing decorations in the facilities. Such a remodel is a budget friendly way to spruce up a room.

It really depends on an owner’s motive. Will the owner be renting out or selling the property in the future? For rentals, expensive renovations are not always recommended. In the case of sales, this might increase the value of the home.

Either way, this is a task that needs some planning and possibly supervision. Plan to coordinate the reno with work schedules and don’t do all the bathrooms in the home at once.

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